AVATeR v0.15 release

wold February 09, 2024 #AVATeR

AVATeR v0.15 collects minor fixes and usability improvements: HTML+markdown export fixes, annotation type filtering, regex improvements and PocketBook translation support, amongst others.

AVATeR screenshot


Changes are listed below. The Full changelog (.txt) includes previous versions.

0.15 February 10th 2024
- fixed: exporter image embedding (removed redundant quote)
- fixed: exporter HTML, convert linebreaks
- fixed: exporter HTML, external image tag
- fixed: exporter HTML, various w3c compliance fixes
- fixed: exporter Markdown, escape additional characters (WIP)

- fixed: top-align metadata for long annotations
- fixed: set uncategorized annotations to other category
- fixed: flag empty drawings as deleted
- fixed: hide "open archive" option (unreleased feature)

- added: annotation type/flag filter
- added: export row media to clipboard HTML (experimental)
- added/improved: regex filtering for title/author search fields
- added: PB translation support (context/dictionary)
- added: viewer option for showing all columns

- changed: flags column (was delete)
- changed: keep text filters on device change (toggleable)
- changed: sort devices by vendor
- changed: extra checks for PB annotation import
- minor internal improvements (toggling case-sensitive, etc.)


Downloads are listed below.


Any special remarks are listed below using colors. Also see System requirements and Device compatibility.

     Windows EXE installer has been deprecated in favour of the MSI installer. If needed, drop a message.
     Windows Qt5 version added

- Windows: Windows 10/11+
- Linux Redhat: Fedora WS 35 (glibc 2.34, libzip 1.6, Qt5); Fedora 38 (glibc 2.36, Qt6)
- Debian: Debian Bookworm (~Ubuntu 22+), Bullseye/standard (~20+), Buster/compatible (~18-19)

Linux RedHat (Fedora, SUSE, etc)

avater- SHA256 0dd713a8b5e52a6ae450df42f39fc39c006b596e255f400fcc1c10707b0081b7

avater- SHA256 7b3db5be7258ae8c6ba18c8ec542b2eb60cc1cb1c8f2c0ed231a4019cf21ca3d

Linux Debian (Ubuntu, Mint, etc)

avater_0.15.0.0-1_amd64_debian10-buster-qt5.deb SHA256 fc453cf6c31a6048345da993e5ac7cf658d2256cf92f99caac3fcb4beb39ca23

avater_0.15.0.0-1_amd64_debian11-bullseye-qt5.deb SHA256 79f4dd88d2d3aad1ebd38c6c8cc9d66ef24813b77f75c0a0c1eadf695f3e3fc6

avater_0.15.0.0-1_amd64_debian12-bookworm-qt6.deb SHA256 f212d9f036a45364e5b6b7d8913cbceeda42a7ab7568cb498d11019af02af501


For older Windows releases the Qt5 .zip version may work instead.

avater_0.15.0.0_windows_amd64.msi SHA256 de04b00886ea36b0335fc64db60ddab8e1a0dab32892392d1c83b7041bee6362

avater_0.15.0.0_windows_amd64.zip SHA256 96632d3c24e440e5e313e4554179a5deb8a2605f04ab5c609afa50c8a770328d

avater_0.15.0.0_windows_qt5_amd64.zip SHA256 67db0e122e8cd6ca2d6f761b48b49ec96c0e40675a14c3803b90c84fae512f3c




AVATeR v0.15 collects minor fixes and usability improvements: HTML+markdown export fixes, annotation type filtering, regex improvements and PocketBook translation support, amongst others.


More export fixes

The HTML exporter now again substitutes linebreaks, and some HTML compliancy issues were fixed.

The Markdown export now better deals with special characters - it's still a quick fix (ignores title and author fields for one), until a more extensive overhaul can be made.

Added annotation type filters

AVATeR screenshot

Annotations can now be filtered on type (highlight, note, media, etc) and special features (deleted, translation, etc.), from the filter pop-up menu.

Improved regex filtering

AVATER screenshot

The search fields for author and title now also support regular expressions. Invalid regexes are now indicated as well.

Remember text filter settings on device switch

Text filters (author, title, etc.) are now retained when switching between devices. This can be toggled from the viewer menu.

Added Export media to clipboard HTML (experimental)

While usefull, support for clipboard HTML can be spotty:

A future version will export bitmaps for increased compatibility, likely impacting image quality and size (foremost).

Improved translation support (PocketBook)

Annotations geared towards translations (PB firmware 6.7+) are now handled better.

If you configured the e-reader to store additional translation-related data (more later), this will now be shown in the note column. Using bold typing or highlighting is doable - for now we stick to plain text.

AVATER screenshot

With regard to filtering, a 'translation' is just a regular highlight (no data) or note (with additional data stored). Hence they were viewable in previous version, minus the context.

To mark a translation highlight/note, open the dictionary on a word (1) and use the highlighter icon (2). To configure storing of additional data like context, open the dot menu (3), and then the options menu (4), as shown below:

AVATER screenshot

Next release

Planned changes have been forwarded to v0.16, avoiding rushing in large changes. A new todo is improving image caching for drawings and screenshots.

1: One accessible reference is https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/perl-regex-cheat-sheet/