AVATeR v0.14 release

wold January 04, 2024 #AVATeR

Newer release available: AVATeR v0.15 release

AVATeR v0.14 introduces Kobo and Sony annotation support. The HTML export received various fixes, and sort-by-date was made the default again.

AVATeR screenshot


Changes are listed below. The Full changelog (.txt) includes previous versions.

0.14 Januari 3rd 2024
- fixed HTML export RGB colorcodes
- fixed HTML export table borders
- fixed exporter deleted annotation markup
- fixed checkDB warning on local DB errors
- changed: sort-by-date is default again

- added Kobo and Sony annotation support
- added Kobo and Sony Local Mirror support (Sony limited to one storage)
- let checkdb tool report warnings separate from errors
- update check now enforces/checks for HTTPS/SSL

Manual backup/Sony
- fixed: manual backup file count report (ignores directories)
- fixed: Sony backup now includes /Sony_Reader/ media subfolder
- added: Sony database backup now includes note/drawing files
- changed: new method to in/exclude system directories

- Windows: updated Qt to 6.6.1 and Libzip to 1.10.1
- Minor fixes


Downloads are listed below.


Any special remarks are listed below using colors. Also see System requirements and Device compatibility.

- Windows: Windows 10/11+
- Linux Redhat: Fedora WS 35 (glibc 2.34, libzip 1.6, Qt5); Fedora 38 (glibc 2.36, Qt6)
- Debian: Debian Bookworm (~Ubuntu 22+), Bullseye/standard (~20+), Buster/compatible (~18-19)

Linux RedHat (Fedora, SUSE, etc)

avater- SHA256 5c10b8972b89dbf5b91711864193985833eedda7446ef4c2c6f040e1f90140e7

avater- SHA256 e299a26fd48855a47dd8e48a95a76c0c366bc399a1c8d536815d5c0a4e6c50cc

Linux Debian (Ubuntu, Mint, etc)

avater_0.14.0.0-1_amd64_debian10-buster-qt5.deb SHA256 3c38dc734357b015b82546a8a200b9c8f62c1460822565d7f48bc2ab528698da

avater_0.14.0.0-1_amd64_debian11-bullseye-qt5.deb SHA256 8849d44a564c041ed37b18807d627c55f4fa9e89b470f3330288c0eed3860f4e

avater_0.14.0.0-1_amd64_debian12-bookworm-qt6.deb SHA256 3918c9e3acda32a6a496024a5ba31473d69ebbf16b3b8cdf31a167d304e6a540


For older Windows releases the Qt5 .zip version may work instead.

avater_0.14.0.0_windows_amd64.exe SHA256 3a052243da79c3b76c16ecbda2025c7c4011b02762ea5dfeb12cd8afabc083f5

avater_0.14.0.0_windows_amd64.msi SHA256 cee1b7e77f9fe2a7b1e9585839c20ffc3e94eb19ebe44e0ab977834165f7729c

avater_0.14.0.0_windows_amd64.zip SHA256 a8382c4257d1a1c485a4f39a53eaa84acb80c1a054470cf33a0731aa7ef14225




AVATeR v0.14 introduces Kobo and Sony annotation support. The HTML export received various fixes, and sort-by-date was made the default again.


Read on for additional details.

Exporter fixes (HTML mostly)

HTML tables now again have border lines, colorcodes were fixed and deleted annotations are marked again as such.

Date sorting the default again

Screenshot showing sorting buttons

Sort-by-date is now default again. A possible fix exists for the PocketBook clock issues; and the sort-on-ID mode turned out unsuitable for Kobo and Sony readers.

CheckDB note for PocketBooks

The checkDB tool now distinguishes between errors and less important warnings. Errors for local databases are now indicates as well (fixed).

Note on Windows with PocketBook e-readers, the v14.0 checkDB tool may report a database error for the FTSBooks_* tables: the error being that the check is being run in read-only mode. For now, the tool is kept read-only, with these 'errors' being counted as warnings. 1

Logo Kobo

Kobo annotation support added

AVATeR v0.14 imports Kobo annotations for readers with recent fimware. It works well enough. A chapter title column was added to the viewer (hidden by default).Note Kepub support is considered experimental and may break.

Screenshot showing kobo chapters column

Notes for the current release:

If something else doesn't work, just drop a line via e-mail or the forum.

Note AVATeR currently support 2017-2022/23 era databases. Newer firmware updates may introduce changes, with AVATeR's current release schedule and deployment setup being not that well suited to this - a solution for this is in the works.

Logo sony reader

Sony Reader annotations support added

AVATeR v0.14 also imports Sony e-Reader annotations. So yes, the "2000s called", but implementing Sony support turned out usefull (and sometimes cumbersome, like getting drawn notes to work, as shown below). Overall, it works quite well, but has some gotchas listed below.

Screenshot showing a drawn note

By the way, for Sony Readers, preferably use a memory card to store your books (and thus annotations), and enable the Local Mirror for the card device (...for "an optimal experience"). The most important limitations are:

Profile/Source menu moved

Screenshot showing sources button+menu

The device profile/database selection menu was moved under the new Sources button, on the top-left of the viewer (previously located in the top menu "profiles"). Right now this benefits mainly Sony e-reader users.

Extra HTTPS checks for the updater

The update check has been hardened somewhat, limiting it to HTTPS connections (after this blog post. Note it fetches a text file with a version number as commented on here (Bonus heading):

Windows library updates

Qt was updated to 6.6.1 and Libzip to 1.10.1.

Next release

A few things are planned for v0.15.

First are some additional internal improvents of the backup tool. Some are implemented already, like the file iterator - this also opens up the option for adding KOReader support eventually.

Some minor bugs and glitches need addressing. Note filtering was mentioned waaaay back; the new PocketBook translation note feature hasn't been extensively looked into yet; lastly, Kobo chapter titles need to be included in the annotation exports. And Mac support will be extensively investigated this time.

1: Note the mentioned tables contain little data, and appear to be used for (text) searching, with data mainly referring to book titles. For a Lux 5 at least, allowing a checkDB run with read/write permissions did remove the warning, and didn't modify the file dates. Even so, the tool is kept read-only for safety reasons.