AVATeR v0.13 release

wold May 05, 2023 #AVATeR

AVATeR v0.13 mainly features reworked device handling, adding unmounted device support amongst others.

The folkore regarding the number '13' suggested an opportunity for reworking some of AVATeR internal parts. Device support was improved, and the source code got into a better state - at the risk of introducing new bugs. The release was delayed a number of times to implement things properly, avoiding the worst problems. For v0.14.x the focus will be again on annotation support (see the header "Future Changes" below).

AVATeR screenshot. And even we mention ChatGPT :)


   Requirements not changed.

Linux Debian (Ubuntu, Mint, etc)

SHA256: 27f7a12b633b5f0b4f52ccec7e73a4d926517af8faba1861ba4a9961831cff73

SHA256: 376a7e7e1659f6d263d3cdcc22a2d7d41e2b122f95939cc27a55c877f5e2d596

Linux RedHat (Fedora, SUSE, etc)

SHA256: 76d2f90eeed6e83e02b873afcde5d6165ffe8a77564082a4dace7058387e72bf


SHA256: 6390af977fcfe63e3802735e204f6b103d47d3574b222b4e31f57c34be3c1c05

SHA256: 4d024d4632e3c4967029b0fc4cf94bbb49d367852af29260e198c6b8f17146ba


System requirements page


Read on for additional details.


0.13 May 4th 2023
- Changed: also sync LocalMirror on DB size difference

- Added: Report (partially) unmounted storage devices in GUI
- Added: Tools warn on partially mounted e-readers
- Added: Ignore duplicate device arrival signal (user-configurable)
- Added: on enabling LocalMirror, ask user to confirm switch to LM DB.

- Fixed (rare) warning on localmirror sync, when a modified annotation db was reloaded with the same row count
- Fixed: Hardened DB metadata related functions
- Fixed: Increased delay for "clear filters and show this row"
- Fixed Windows: manual backup location not set on fresh install
- Fixed: removed spurious warning on empty annotation row
- Fixed: Remove checkDB warning for not found databases on removed storages

- Changed: Bulk process reader arrivals before signaling
- Simplified signaling for devices and profiles/sources
- Reworked localmirror sync (utilise internal metadata instead of filecopy outcome)
- Removed prefs dependencies from ReaderManager

Full changelog (.txt) including previous versions.

Unmounted device support

Reported device storages may now be (partially or fully) unmounted. Should you mount a device after detection, use the device scan (F5) to pick up on those changes. We'll look into mounting devices, provided there are easy (API) ways to do so: we won't ask for user credentials.

Device selector with new icons

New icons replace the "is connected" text. A circle indicates a LocalMirror, a square a device with optional SD-card. Unmounted devices are indicated using light grey. A statusbar indication may be added as well later.

Ignore 2nd device arrival

In certain situations PBs send a 2nd USB arrival signal. This signal is now ignored for the last detected (compatible) reader. The threshold is 6 seconds by default, and is user-configurable via settings > advanced.

Incompatibility with VirtualCD on Windows

It was reported that AVATeR detects the wrong drive if the VirtualCD app its drives overlap with the device mountpoints for the e-reader. This isn't fixed completely, but for now the localmirror should be kept available, and the device being indicated as unmounted. For a workaround that fixes this issue, please consult the manual pages.

VirtualCD settings panel

Future changes


v0.13.1 will fix a few minor non-breaking issues. While large annotation additions/removals are properly processed, adding one or two on the device doesn't seem to come through yet for some reason. Alternatively, enable resetting the viewer on updates (settings > advanced), which always works, but deselects any selected rows.

Last Windows 7/8 version

v0.13 is intended to be the last version supporting Windows 7/8 (it uses the Qt6.2 GUI library). As updates for GUI libraries of Qt 6.2 LTS are only available to commercial Qt users, we move on to Qt 6.5, which drops support for Windows 8 (and by extension 7) - in part due to newer high-DPI support in Win10/11+. In case you do need a working copy, feel free to let us know.

Windows 8 logo


v0.14.x will focus more on annotations and the UI. Annotation type filters will be added amongst others.

An Apple Mac version (compatible with ARM-derived M1+ macs via Rosetta) will be investigated. Note Apple has been restricting support for self-distributed binaries in the recent years, so it's unknown how this will develop in the future.

A basic check for database compatibility will be added, a desire before expanding device support to Kobo's in 0.14 or 0.15. Work has yet to commence on this though.