AVATeR v0.13.1 release

wold June 17, 2023 #AVATeR

AVATeR v0.13.1 adds Debian 12 / Fedora 37 releases using Qt6. Windows moved to Qt6.5.1, fixing possible issues with Windows 11.

In addition, a new sorting mode using the annotation ID (in order of addition) was added, together with some fixes.

AVATeR screenshot


Read on for additional details.


0.13.1 June 28th 2023
- fixed: toggling localmirror state triggers device/LM rescan + reworked
- fixed: minimum date filter now accounts for annotations with dates older than 1st annotation
- fixed: resize portrait annotation image width if it exceeds column width
- fixed: uploader uses correct storage ids

- added: sort by annotation ID option
- added: Linux releases for Fedora 37 and Debian 12 (Qt 6.5 and 6.4 respectively)
- updated: Windows Qt to 6.5.1 (possibly fixes Win11 0x0000005c issue)

- added: additional storage state icons
- changed: allow overwriting LM DBs using older dated ones
- changed: shortened window title for Window Managers

Full changelog (.txt) including previous versions.

Linux additional Qt6 releases

There are additional releases for Redhat/Fedora 37 and Debian 12 (Bookworm ~ Ubuntu 22+), that both use Qt6.

We don't expect much changes from Qt6 as we use QWidgets, mainly better high DPI display support, and the odd bug fix. Internally, one relevant change was Qt6.5 revising the meta type system: we use it sparingly however. Qt5 backward compatibility will be kept for now, supporting older distros.

Windows Qt6.5.1; 0x0000005c exception

Windows releases have moved to Qt v6.5.1, dropping Windows 7/8 support.

The update might solve a issue where Windows 11 refuses to start previous AVATeR releases. A few technical details: Windows logs indicate a generic 0x0000005c exception error, caused by the Qt QtWidgets.dll library. We'll assume this is a compatibility issue, perhaps a non-recurring one. By chance, v0.13 skipped the update due to a 6.5 packaging glitch (by Qt, but we can't complain).

Sort on ID mode added + date fixes

Forgetting to set the e-reader's date and time, resulted in a bunch of misdated annotations. AVATeR will eventuelly get to modify the DB dates - it prompted a few changes to improve the situation:

Time travellers may rejoice - just don't forget to pack your e-reader along with your towel1.

Next release

There will be a few more internal changes for 0.13.2.



   Changed: Windows releases requires Win10/11
   New Qt6-only releases for Linux

Full system requirements / supported devices.

Linux RedHat (Fedora, SUSE, etc)

SHA256: f216c8d6ed2f4b0919d2f294787f5f957bfbaf923933e8c289bc93dda0273cd6

SHA256: e4da41f145fcb7817c5af01b98dbc885ff6963308dfea25d1805c31f251b4d4d

Linux Debian (Ubuntu, Mint, etc)

SHA256: 11a7974659f2bcd827ad9d0540fc4014ec2c59b49793fc5e78609f25a6737dcd

SHA256: fe7fffb5a1532ac71a600db54668f26301d64970c6fef100e27d86f37e086cc5

SHA256: 8725c03c3d53f8c9c3e9041a6a9b4c2cbeff40d52fdb6af6ced4a65ed7f5cae2


SHA256: e48e0112d399322208f468ed2f863c215e7750301c6df21c70334254d66c7a0a

SHA256: 8c6676048ccd9d8f7329ef88bba4053dc66cc76f29c314390c4946734eb6d588


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