AVATeR v0.10 release

wold August 31, 2022 #AVATeR

AVATeR v0.10 restores search settings on startup, adds Markdown export, and includes many fixes and optimisations after testing.


   Requirements not changed.

Linux Debian (Ubuntu, Mint, etc)

SHA256: 1b80e2d3d273b8eec8b6c8431e2c4f9265dec8f6f30320e7f3e2b11956d59113

SHA256: b0ff67e89fa3f09a07ba27aec99e362949cdc29ec748c00ad347830d1f15e4fe

Linux RedHat (Fedora, SUSE, etc)

SHA256: acb93cd9c839d26e7676f4366d69d4f40f32ac9ad0abea30bad0b61304a4b6a4


SHA256: deb20a1f986837f8269d437a044f1fa4c573d8a368a3fd60e9fea1495272e243

SHA256: 46bfeb9178e636f6f1481eab5922b0de230ec5704e0aedf9776b1c22951c5167


System requirements page


Read on for additional details.


0.10 Aug 31th 2022
- Added: Restore search settings for the last used device on startup (if present)
- Added: Markdown annotation export (experimental)
- Added: Show deleted annotations (and export if shown)
- Added: PB profile selection possible from top-menu
- Added: show basic annotation count (current/total)

- Changed: Store Qt5/6 column settings separately
Switching between Qt versions could induce a crash due to unknown causes (not UTF-8 related). As such you may need to re-configure your column sizes.
- Changed: After filtering on title from the context-menu, don't set the title-page sorting mode
- Changed: increased attempts for Windows USB-related loops
- Changed: Rely on devices.conf group serial ID again (Reverse compatibility is maintained)

Viewer related
- Fixed: show missing page numbers as "?"
- Fixed: missing page number for certain bookmarks
- Fixed: toggling case-sensitive sort works now for all sorting types (including custom sorting)
- Fixed: allow custom sorting on columns after having selected a sort mode
- Fixed: improved setting showing bookmarks/deleted annotations from UI and at model creation

- Fixed: Better handling of model refreshes due to device updates
- Fixed: "Reload annotations" menu-option better handles DB changes
- Fixed: Minor Qt model errors

- Fixed: GUI removal for e-reader or localmirror
- Fixed: copy localmirror if enabled but none was present on device arrival
- Fixed: if localmirror was disabled remotely (via devices.conf), remove and toggle UI elements

- Fixed for Fedora: Qt UI fixes; output all debug messages
- Fixed for Windows: issue with closing uploader progressdialog
- Improved: improved profile rescans
- More, including docs...

Full changelog (.txt) including previous versions.


New are restoring the last search settings on startup, support for Markdown exporting, and showing deleted annotations, amongst others.

Markdown export example:

Deleted annotation above (after editing the highlight on the PocketBook reader):

The annotation viewer sorting and filter options were reworked and optimised, also allowing custom sorting using the headers. Adding new annotations after connecting a device saw some fixes1. Also, profile support was implemented. While somewhat of a boondoggle, the associated changes improved the program's structure. Other fixes and improvements targeted the creation and removing of local mirrors, and adding and removing of USB devices.

New is a Fedora 35 binary release. An RPM package will follow at some point (for now manually install libzip and qt5-qtbase). Mentioning that: the Windows release size may vary somewhat. This is due to the ex/inclusion of two libraries, that strictly aren't needed (for backward OpenGL/DirectX compatibility).

Report any issues or feedback via support [at] syncoda.nl or the mobilereads thread.

Future changes

Book metadata should ideally be retrieved from the main database. Some known but minor issues will be addressed, such as dealing with changes of a synced devices.conf. Another involves toggling case-sensitive sorting with non-latin characters in the title sort modes.


(when encountering issues with the viewer refresh, toggle the "Reset viewer" option in settings under "Advanced"). As implied, this will recreate the viewer upon receiving updates.