AVATeR released

v0.9.8.3 fixes various issues in 0.9.8 (and older), delaying new features. First official Debian release also.

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AVATeR 0.9.8 released

v0.9.8 introduces highlight colors, a sticky selection mode, and various fixes.

AVATeR update check fixed

The AVATeR update check works again. The version 'manifest' files were temporarely unavailable due to the website changes. The issue triggered a warning popup whenever (auto)updating, reporting that the update file couldn't be downloaded.

AVATeR 0.9.7 released

v0.9.7 introduces faster annotation loading and display, especially on Windows. Sorting was improved, filter-by-date presets were added and various issues were fixed/improved.

New website (revisited)

The website was renewed; it is generated using Zola (an SSG), with a modified tale-zola theme, a basic blogging orientated theme.