Possible fix for frozen clock of a PocketBook e-reader

wold December 16, 2023 #pocketbook #e-readers

It deserves mention that a possible fix exists for clock issues with PocketBook e-readers, involving disconnection of the battery cable (some warnings apply). This issue was mentioned in the AVATeR release 0.13.2.

The issue

July this year, the 'homepage' clock on my Lux 5 got stuck. It kept showing a time around 22:00 hours, while advancing very, very slowly (minutes to hours). Oddly enough, the date (also shown there) was kept correctly to within 24h for the months following. Annotation dates followed the same pattern.

The fix

Recently on mobilereads (post #10) someone suggested a possible fix: temporarely disconnecting the battery cable. This fixed the issue for my Lux 5, and has done so for 3 months now.

Note this is no garantueed fix: other threads mention a motherboard replacement being necessary in some cases. But given the date was kept correctly (within 24h), it did suggest some software issue, which a battery disconnect could indeed solve.

Warnings and caveats

Be warned that the battery connecter is very fragile, so be carefull. The linked Mobilereads thread contains some pointers and pictures.

Also consider not doing this for waterproof devices, or devices under warranty (blablabla ;-).