New website (revisited)

Website was renewed; the theme is a work in progress.

The previous 'site' was a simple HTML page, build to present the AVATeR downloads. With plenty todo, a website really comes last, despite being important. The new one offers news/blog posts, RSS feeds and is easier to maintain. It is build using a static site generator (SSG).


SSGs are an interesting plaything, allowing customization via a templating system to quite a degree. For me, importantly, they lack maintainance and security issues inherent to most (if not all) dynamic CMS-es.

By now there are loads of SSGs around. The choice was between the popular Hugo, and Zola, it's often named alternative. They're comparable, and (to a degree) accept each other's markdown content. Hugo I found more forgiving to start out with, and more feature-rich, though Zola has grown lately. In the end the stricter and (perhaps) simpler Zola setup was more attractive to me, at the cost of some (short term?) flexibility. Zola is also kept lean by it's lead developer, always a good thing.


The site design still require work. It's based on tale-zola, a basic blogging orientated them. For Hugo a good basis is the quasi-default Ananke theme, easily suited for a large website.

To be continued...