AVATeR 0.9.7 released

v0.9.7 introduces faster annotation loading and display, especially on Windows. Sorting was improved, filter-by-date presets were added and various issues were fixed/improved.


More info on the AVATeR project page.

0.9.7 Mar 18th
- Faster annotation importing
- Faster row resizing
- Stop stretching the last column
- Various fixes/changes

0.9.6 Mar 13th
- Improved search filter responsiveness
- Added filter presets to date/page filter
- Sorting fixes + added custom sort mode indicator
- Improved saving column sizes
- Various fixes/changes

The v0.9.6 release was skipped to include the speed improvements. There was also the issue of ongoing world events, yet 0.9.7 introduced important improvements - the next release can wait a little longer though.