AVATeR v0.10 release

v0.10 restores search settings on startup, adds Markdown export, and includes many fixes and optimisations after testing.


Changelog.txt. For the system requirements, see the AVATeR project page.


New are restoring the last search settings on startup, support for Markdown exporting, and showing deleted annotations, amongst others.

Markdown export example:

Deleted annotation above (after editing the highlight on the PocketBook reader):

The annotation viewer sorting and filter options were reworked and optimised, also allowing custom sorting using the headers. Adding new annotations after connecting a device saw some fixes1. Also, profile support was implemented. While somewhat of a boondoggle, the associated changes improved the program's structure. Other fixes and improvements targeted the creation and removing of local mirrors, and adding and removing of USB devices.

New is a Fedora 35 binary release. An RPM package will follow at some point (for now manually install libzip and qt5-qtbase). Mentioning that: the Windows release size may vary somewhat. This is due to the ex/inclusion of two libraries, that strictly aren't needed (for backward OpenGL/DirectX compatibility).

Report any issues or feedback via support [at] syncoda.nl or the mobilereads thread.

Next release

Book metadata should ideally be retrieved from the main database. Some known but minor issues will be addressed, such as dealing with changes of a synced devices.conf. Another involves toggling case-sensitive sorting with non-latin characters in the title sort modes.




Viewer related fixes

Other fixes


(when encountering issues with the viewer refresh, toggle the "Reset viewer" option in settings under "Advanced"). As implied, this will recreate the viewer upon receiving updates.